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What am I working on?

Project | 01
Tangled Seas

Director / Producer 

India's first film on ghost nets 

Currently screening on request 

-Impact campaign underway 

Tangled Seas : a conservation issue (Extended Cut)

Tangled Seas : the ghost net story 

Project | 02
Pass : Series on consequences of Linear Intrusions on Wildlife 



Currently in production​

Release in 2022

Project | 03

Director of the film, which has been screened in Bangalore, Pune, Pondicherry as a part of Moving Waters Film Festival and Kirloskar Vasundhara Film Festival.

It is also being screened in colleges and schools across other parts of India

Available to screen on request 

Project | 04
Films for WWF/ Riverbank Studios ​

Assistant Director, Production Assistant, Sound Assistant, Camera Assistant and Project Co-ordinator fo films about WWF's internal communication about their work in Manas National Park, Assam, and Satyamangam Tiger Reserve. 

Project | 05
National Geographic Channel - India ​

Production Assistant for the Junaid, and Maruti Suzuki Shoots and Post Production Assistant of the whole documentary (Currently on youtube) 

To see more or discuss possible work let's talk >>
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